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Our knowledge and expertise in this industry allows us to understand the specific needs of our customers and offer customised solutions that maximise efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs. With the MRO by Servitec team, chemical companies can be confident that their MRO needs will be met efficiently, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

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MRO Solutions for the Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, MRO spare parts procurement and management needs are particularly demanding due to the specialised nature of the equipment and materials used. For example, process equipment such as pumps, valves and heat exchangers require regular maintenance and specific spare parts to ensure continuous and safe operation of the installations. In addition, chemicals used in industrial processes can corrode or wear out components, increasing the frequency of replacement of certain parts. Efficient inventory management of chemicals, lubricants and safety materials is also crucial to comply with strict safety regulations and standards in the industry.

It is therefore essential to have an MRO service provider that understands these unique needs and can offer tailored solutions to optimise operational costs and keep production running efficiently.


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By implementing MRO by Servitec solutions you will obtain competitive benefits such as…

We implement innovative and cutting-edge MRO solutions to reduce the costs related to maintenance and spare parts management. This translates into benefits such as reduced maintenance costs, improved operational efficiency, maximised equipment lifetime, regulatory and safety compliance, as well as improved market competitiveness by offering quality products at more competitive prices.
Through our end-to-end solutions, using analytics and innovative technology, we achieve reduced response times in maintenance and repair. This is achieved through efficient inventory management, rapid identification of spare parts needs, and immediate availability of critical parts, which minimises unplanned downtime and ensures continuous and efficient operation of the facility.
Working with MRO by Servitec means a significant increase in productivity: the team’s uptime is optimised by reducing the administrative burden. Thanks to efficient inventory management and rapid identification of spare parts needs, maintenance and repair response times are reduced, thus minimising unplanned downtime. This improvement facilitates smoother and more efficient operation of the facilities, which translates directly into better overall business performance and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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