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After decades of working with established companies in the automotive industry, our expertise allows us to fully understand the particular needs of our clients, providing 360º solutions. With MRO by Servitec, they get to focus on their core business in an efficient and intelligent way, in every sense.

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MRO Solutions for the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, the technical complexity of the equipment and materials used is the foundation of the sector. MRO management and procurement must respond to and rise to these challenges. Critical components such as transmission systems, brakes and electrical systems require regular maintenance and specific spare parts to ensure optimal and safe operation of the vehicles. In addition, factors such as exposure to adverse road conditions can accelerate the wear of certain components, increasing the frequency of replacement.

Efficient inventory management of spare parts, lubricants and safety materials is essential to meet the stringent safety and quality regulations in the automotive industry. It is therefore imperative to have an MRO service provider that understands these technical and regulatory needs, offering tailored solutions that help optimise operational costs and ensure the efficient and safe operation of automotive production.


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By implementing MRO by Servitec solutions you will obtain competitive benefits such as…

Technological innovation is present in all our solutions for the automotive industry, with the aim of reducing costs associated with maintenance and spare parts management. Thanks to this, our clients obtain a series of benefits, such as reducing maintenance costs, optimizing operational efficiency, prolonging the useful life of equipment, compliance with regulations and safety standards, as well as such as strengthening the competitive position in the market by offering quality products at more attractive prices.
We implement innovative and advanced MRO solutions, specifically designed for the automotive industry, with the purpose of optimizing resource management and reducing costs associated with maintenance and spare parts management. Our clients achieve the reduction of maintenance costs, the improvement of operational efficiency through the implementation of preventive and predictive maintenance practices, the extension of the useful life of critical equipment for automotive production, the compliance with the strict regulations of security and quality of the sector, and finally, in strengthening competitiveness in the market by guaranteeing the delivery of high quality products at more competitive prices.
By reducing response times in maintenance and repair, thanks to effective inventory management and rapid identification of spare parts needs, we manage to minimize unplanned downtime, which facilitates more fluid and efficient operation of the companies. facilities. Thanks to the collaboration with MRO by Servitec, efficient global performance of the company is achieved and a competitive advantage in the market.

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